Four Star Commercial Cleaning has provided professional and reliable services to clients who demand the best.

Our company has offered an array of janitorial and maintenance services to satisfy all needs and budgets, and we are distinguished by our strong knowledge of cleaning processes, our commitment to excellence, and an enduring partnership between our company and our clients to ensure that we meet their needs.

We provide full cleaning services to Food Plants, Offices, Construction Sites, Schools, Churches, Auto Dealerships, Hotels, Motels, Parking Lots, Medical Facilities, Retail Stores, Grocery Stores, Showroom, Galleries, Banks, Movie theatres, Art Centers, Restaurants and Pubs.

We are the only company to use microfiber rags and it is color co-ordinated so it is easily recognized the right rags i.e.: yellow for general dusting and wiping of desks. Green is to disinfect phones, Blue for mirrors and glasses, and the red only to be kept separate for washroom use only.